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A British Press award winning travel writer and avid adventurer, with a passion for reporting on misunderstood destinations and uncovering alternative angles to the well established. Travelling differently, adventurously, responsibly and with purpose.Read It

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Merihaka, Helsinki, Finland Alternative Helsinki – Biking the Nature of Finland’s Capital - Helsinki is an attractive, contemporary and super stylish city; an easy to navigate collection of pretty architecture and fashionable outlets, Read It


Inside the former US Embassy is Tehran, Iran. Den of Espionage Inside The ‘Den of Espionage’ – Former US Embassy in Tehran - Not open to the public, tourists rarely get inside the ‘US Den of Espionage’ in Iran’s capital, Tehran. On one Read It
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Hebron Visiting The West Bank in Palestine – Understanding the Conflict From Both Jewish and Arab Perspectives in Hebron -   My Thoughts. My Perspective “Hebron is a microcosm of the Holy Land issue overall. There are just different narratives Read It