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Belgrade, Serbia Defiant Belgrade. The Heart of a New Serbia - Classical and cosmopolitan without being too fancy; artistically reviving and urbanite cool without being overconfident; tinged with a post-war persona Read It
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Thessaloniki, Northern Greece Thessaloniki – The Youthful Metropolis with 2,000 Years of History - Packed with the history of conquests and sparked by a creative youth generation, Greece’s second largest city, Thessaloniki is a Read It
Travelling in Serbia - My Serbia Why I’m Travelling to Serbia – Continuing My Balkans Exploration - I’ve long been intrigued by the eastern region of Europe and the southeastern Balkans in particular. Known more for its Read It
BForchheim and the Annafest beer festival Joining German Tradition in Frankfurt and Franconia - Each time I visit Germany I not only get to uncover a new region, but I get to see the Read It

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