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A trekker in a red jacket approaches a dusty path, surrounded by a panorama of sharp mountain peaks. The path is lined with giant rocks and a archway of multicoloured prayer flags hangs overhead. Inspiring Mountain Quotes to Power Your Sense of Adventure - Inspiring mountain quotes about the challenges of the climb and the teachings in the journey, that will help power your sense of adventure.
Remarkable Places to Go in Spain – Spain Trips From Madrid by Train - A capital city in the centre of the country, the places to go in Spain from Madrid by train are vast. This list of remarkable Spain trips has you covered.
A blue house with a red roof and a white Ger sit isolated in Mongolia's Orkhon Valley This is How to Travel to Mongolia – Overlanding the Least Densely Populated Country in the World - If you want to get off the beaten track, travel to Mongolia. This guide details where to go and how to go overlanding in the least densely populated country in the world.

Post-Conflict Destinations

The yellowy earth and grey watch tower in the walled-off preserved area where you can see the Berlin Wall and Border Strip. View is from the the roof of the adjacent Berlin Wall Documentation Centre The Best Place to See the Berlin Wall and What to Learn From It - For 28 years, a concrete wall over 100km long divided Berlin and the entire country. So where are the best places to see the Berlin Wall and its viewing locations? And what can we learn from it?
A great pyramid of Giza looms behind the sphinx that sits in front of it as part of a necropolis complex, in the dusty desert area of Gize in Egypt This is How to Travel to Egypt – Tips to Visit Safely & Responsibly - From temples, tombs and Nile cruises to tourism in troubled times, this comprehensive guide shows you how to travel to Egypt, where to go, what to wear and what to avoid.
The Monument to Party Founding in Pyongyang Travelling to North Korea – Where Preconceptions and Reality Collide - This travel guide to North Korea shows how a visit is shadowed by restrictions, rules and being constantly guarded. But does travelling there show a different story, and pave the way for openness?

Cultural Travel

Metropolis street scene of Tokyo, the capital of Japan What is Tokyo Like? Things to Love About Japan’s Capital City - What is Tokyo like and how does the city function? Things to know about Japan's capital of uniqueness, where the bold merges with tradition and a sense of order complements the chaotic.
A woman walks on a wooden ramp that takes you further down into one of the decorated and intact tombs found in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt An Explorer’s Guide to the Best Places to Visit in Egypt - Getting lost in temple corridors, descending into tombs, and witnessing historical and religious timelines in structures and scripture ⁣carvings. Here's how to decide the best places to visit in Egypt.
Rows of green vines on golden soil, backed by mountains on a vineyard in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Things to Do in Stellenbosch, South Africa – A Guide to Wine Cultivation and Culture in the Western Cape - South Africa is a country that is devastatingly misunderstood. Yet beyond the defining Cape Town and Johannesburg, it is home to one of the world’s most exceptional wine regions – Stellenbosch.

Responsible Tourism

A woman standing next to an elephants in Elephant Nature Park, Thailand. Why Riding Elephants in Thailand is Wrong – Visiting Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai - The Asian elephant continues to be affected by an abusive tourism practice. Here's why you shouldn't be riding elephants in Thailand and how to get close responsibly at the Elephant Nature Park.
Burmese people welcome a tourist in a temple Benefits of TEFL Abroad and Volunteering – What You Need to Know - Are you thinking about using TEFL abroad and volunteering? These top tips will show you the best way to gain the correct skills to make the most of your time volunteering and teaching abroad.
Six Giant Pandas on a wooden deck eating bamboo as seen on a Ghengdu Panda Tour in China Taking a Chengdu Panda Tour: Conservation and Education at China’s Cutest Tourist Attraction - As popular as visiting the Great Wall of China in Beijing or the Terracotta Army in Xian, taking a Chengdu Panda Tour at the Giant Panda Breeding Base is just as high on the China atrractions list.

Adventure Travel

A group of trekkers at Everest Base Camp posing for a group shot around a sign with a 2012 date. Behind are the lower brown mountain slopes and a patch of ice. Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal – A Guide to Reach the Top of the World - Thinking About Trekking to Everest Base Camp? This EBC trek guide full of preparation and day-to-day advice shows how the journey isn’t a light-hearted adventure but one that will reward you.
a white sand beach overed by aqua blue sea water, backed by high green hills - a scene of nature on Jeju Island, Korea All the ‘World Wonder of Nature’ Things to Do on Jeju Island, South Korea - Of all the things to do on the volcanic Jeju Island in South Korea, the attractions that make it one of the World’s New 7 Wonders of Nature top the list.
Things to Do in Banff in Winter – Seven Months of Snow and Ice Adventure - A 6,641 sq km hinterland in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, there's a lot of things to do in Banff in winter. In a season lasting seven months, it becomes a haven for pure adventure and the adrenalin of nature.

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