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A statue of a man on a horse with giraffe type legs, in a square of golden buildings in Brno, Czech Republic. A Curious Guide to the Unexpected Things to Do in Brno, Czech Republic - An underground labyrinth. Whacky sculptures. Bunkers and secret bars. This travel guide tells you all the surprising things to do in Brno and what makes an unexpected adventure in this lesser-known Czech city.
A glass igloo on white snow under the green northern lights in Finland Lapland. How to See the Northern Lights in Finland Lapland – Aurora Borealis Adventure - Stand within the dreamlike Arctic landscape, cross a wilderness by husky sled and snowmobile to a secluded spot to watch the dancing lights of the aurora borealis. Here's how to see the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland. 
A turquoise cove full of golden rock formations covered in bushy green trees - one of the beautiful bays in Menorca Island, Spain. Things to Do in Menorca, Spain – See the Balearic Islands Differently - The western Mediterranean cluster of the Balearic Islands may be a well-visited area of Spain. Still, the things to do in Menorca – the northernmost and lesser-known island amongst them - shows a different side to the Balearics beyond a resort holiday.

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Two slabs of Berlin Wall covered in graffiti stand next to a blackbox building as part of an exhibition in Berlin Germany Berlin Wall Museums and Exhibitions to Understand the Cold War Era - A list of Berlin Wall museums and exhibitions, underground and Trabi tours in the city to better understand the dark Cold War history when you visit. A period of time that shaped the city and leaves its mark.
The yellowy earth and grey watch tower in the walled-off preserved area where you can see the Berlin Wall and Border Strip. View is from the the roof of the adjacent Berlin Wall Documentation Centre The Best Place to See the Berlin Wall and What to Learn From It - For 28 years, a concrete wall over 100km long divided Berlin and the entire country. So where are the best places to see the Berlin Wall and its viewing locations? And what can we learn from it?
A great pyramid of Giza looms behind the sphinx that sits in front of it as part of a necropolis complex, in the dusty desert area of Giza in Egypt This is How to Travel to Egypt – Tips to Visit Safely & Responsibly - From temples, tombs and Nile cruises to tourism in troubled times, this comprehensive guide shows you how to travel to Egypt, where to go, what to wear and what to avoid.

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Remarkable Places to Go in Spain – Spain Trips From Madrid by Train - A capital city in the centre of the country, the places to go in Spain from Madrid by train are vast. This list of remarkable Spain trips has you covered.
The Death Railway in Kanchanaburi, Thailand – A Scenic Journey Into a Dark Past - What exactly remains of the Death Railway in Kanchanaburi, Thailand? This is how to take the scenic journey to learn about WWII history.
A sweeping view of the orange rooftops and buildings of Bologna city, including the protruding old Roman tower, as seen from the top of the Basilica of San Petronio in the centre of the city. What to Do When You Visit Bologna – Italy’s Best Kept Secret - The city of Bologna is everything cultural and culinary that you think of when it comes to visiting northern Italy, Read It

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The Invaluable Benefits of a Travel Volunteer Trip When Done Right - The reasons why volunteering on travels is an invaluable experience when it's done right, and not because it's a bucket list item to tick off. Here's how to volunteer responsibly and make a positive impact.
An Orphanage is Not a Tourist Attraction – Think Before Visiting An Orphanage - You need to think hard before volunteering on your travels and you need to think even harder about visiting an orphanage. This is all the reasons why.
A group of circus performers, standing on a red mat and dressed in black throw two people in the air during an acrobatic performance at the circus in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Visit the Phare Circus in Siem Reap – Supporting Social Enterprise in Cambodia - You would never think a circus in Siem Reap exists, but it has become one of the city's biggest attractions and one with a positive social impact on community development. 

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View of the light golden stoned city of Valletta in Malta island from a distant view across the water. Visit Malta Travel Guide: Ultimate Road Trip for 20 Island Hotspots to See - This Malta travel guide details 20 hotspots to cover on a Malta roadtrip – a small island big on stunning landscape, culture and history.
A trekker in a red jacket approaches a dusty path, surrounded by a panorama of sharp mountain peaks. The path is lined with giant rocks and a archway of multicoloured prayer flags hangs overhead. Inspiring Mountain Quotes to Power Your Sense of Adventure - Inspiring mountain quotes about the challenges of the climb and the teachings in the journey, that will help power your sense of adventure.
A blue house with a red roof and a white Ger sit isolated in Mongolia's Orkhon Valley This is How to Travel to Mongolia – Overlanding the Least Densely Populated Country in the World - If you want to get off the beaten track, travel to Mongolia. This guide details where to go and how to go overlanding in the least densely populated country in the world.

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