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A tiny red house with a green roof, sitting on a rock in the middle of a mountain backed lake - The River Drina House in Serbia. Serbia Travel Guide – The Balkan Country in Post Conflict Revival - Over 18 years ago, ethnic conflicts were still tearing apart a region of Europe that was formally Yugoslavia. This Serbia travel guide shows you how to see a country in revival, to see how its centuries-old past is far more than its modern history.
Mother and Baby Orangutans in Borneo Sanctuary Seeing Orangutans in Borneo Responsibly – Semenggoh Centre, Sarawak - Seeing Orangutans in Borneo is a must. But the future of Semenggoh Centre, Sarawak is more about the tourists who visit and act recklessly. Here's how to visit responsibly.
Elevated view of Riga and its architecure from the city shopping centre Alternative Riga Travel Guide – Latvia’s Capital Beyond the Old Town - Many travel to Riga lured by the quaint pastel hues of the Old Town. This alternative Riga travel guide was compiled after spending nine days in Latvia's capital to uncover the different facets of the city from its rich and troubled history.

Post-Conflict Destinations

Two images from a DMZ tour showing Korean guards standing at the blue huts of the DMZ demilitarized zone. The top image is from South Korea facing North and the bottom is from North Korea looking towards the South. Visit the DMZ in North Korea and South Korea – The Story From Both Sides - To visit the DMZ from North Korea is tense and from South Korea it's whimsical. What is it like to tour the DMZ and JSA and witness the world's most heavily armed border?
A staircase leading to a dark basement area as part of underground Berlin used during war time. Berlin Underground Tours – Secret City War Bunkers and Escape Tunnels - Berlin underground tours are an alternative way to view the city's history via war bunker tours and escape tunnels in disused metro stations.
The stone steps and speakers podium structures that remain of the Zeppelin Field (Zeppelinfeld) in Nuremberg - one of the former Nazi Rally Grounds The Nazi Party Rally Grounds – Nuremberg History & the Obligation to the Past - From the City of Nazi Party Rally Grounds to the City of Peace and Human Rights, what can we learn from the history of Nuremberg on a visit? And what is the city's obligation to its past?

Cultural Travel

A woman stands in the doorway of the 'Fat House' artwork, a white house with a red roof that looks like its almost melting. Part of the Austrian Sculpture Park on a day trip from Graz Best Day Trips from Graz, Austria – The Sites Surrounding the City - After strolling the UNESCO City, what do you do? These active, cultural and historical day trips from Graz show there's far more to see, and all within a 30-minute radius.
Elevated view over the old city of Bern from the Rose Garden - one of the best things to do in Bern The Things to Do in Bern – Travel Switzerland’s Capital of Surprises - Bern has been Switzerland's capital city since 1848. But what if everything you pictured as a federal capital turned out to be the complete opposite? Here are all the things to do in Bern to see it differently.
A statue of a man on a horse with giraffe type legs, in a square of golden buildings in Brno, Czech Republic. A Curious Guide to the Unexpected Things to Do in Brno, Czech Republic - An underground labyrinth. Whacky sculptures. Bunkers and secret bars. This travel guide tells you all the surprising things to do in Brno and what makes an unexpected adventure in this lesser-known Czech city.

Responsible Tourism

The Invaluable Benefits of a Travel Volunteer Trip When Done Right - The reasons why volunteering on travels is an invaluable experience when it's done right, and not because it's a bucket list item to tick off. Here's how to volunteer responsibly and make a positive impact.
An Orphanage is Not a Tourist Attraction – Think Before Visiting An Orphanage - You need to think hard before volunteering on your travels and you need to think even harder about visiting an orphanage. This is all the reasons why.
A group of circus performers, standing on a red mat and dressed in black throw two people in the air during an acrobatic performance at the circus in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Visit the Phare Circus in Siem Reap – Supporting Social Enterprise in Cambodia - You would never think a circus in Siem Reap exists, but it has become one of the city's biggest attractions and one with a positive social impact on community development. 

Adventure Travel

A Curious Guide on the Things to Do in Kampot, Cambodia - Here's a selection of the things to do in Kampot, Cambodia - the former French colonial city whose architecture was left to crumble in the wake of independence & war-time conflict.
Malta Travel Guide: Ultimate Road Trip for 20 Island Hotspots to See - This Malta travel guide details 20 hotspots to cover on a Malta roadtrip – a small island big on stunning landscape, culture and history.
A trekker in a red jacket approaches a dusty path, surrounded by a panorama of sharp mountain peaks. The path is lined with giant rocks and a archway of multicoloured prayer flags hangs overhead. Inspiring Mountain Quotes to Power Your Sense of Adventure - Inspiring mountain quotes about the challenges of the climb and the teachings in the journey, that will help power your sense of adventure.

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